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525 Eastern Ave NE #B2, Fairmount Heights, MD 20743

Why Choose Us

Through our expert care, our advanced office, and our caring staff, we will help you not onlyget back on your feet but understand how spine health affects your overall quality of life.

At Pain and Rehab Center, we see patients with a wide variety of pain and injury. Our goal is to seek the underlying causes of these conditions so that we can provide effective relief and help prevent re-occurrence in the future.

We accept all major health insurance at our office and offer convenient daytime appointments every weekday. We serve the Capitol Heights, MD, and Washington DC Northeast areas as well. Call us at (301) 925-2013, and our helpful team will schedule your appointment for optimal health and wellness!


Patients are the top priority at Pain and Rehab Center in Fairmount Heights, Maryland! Dr. Gelareh Naenifard is committed to providing the highest level of care to her patients.

Services Offered

Our chiropractic and rehabilitation clinic's services have a proven track record and have provided thousands of patients with relief.

Treatment Plans

Treatment plans at Pain and Rehab Center are tailored to the individual, and each patient is evaluated to determine the best technique needed to address their specific needs.

Recommended Doctor

Dr. Gelareh Naenifard, DC comes highly recommended and she takes pride in the stellar care she provides her patients.

Well Experienced

Our Fairmount Heights center works with patients of all ages, ranging from infants to teens to middle-aged adults and senior citizens. We serve patients in the Capitol Heights, MD, and Washington DC Northeast areas as well.

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