Lauren Lee

Dr. Naenifard is amazing. I had previously seen an orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist for two months before seeing Dr. Naenifard. I was still stiff and still in pain after a car accident back in February. From the moment I walked into her office, I already relaxed by the spa music playing. Her front desk staff were extremely kind and understanding of my pain and circumstances. Their process working with insurance or a PIP for a car accident was extremely efficient. Dr. Naenifard did an initial evaluation, and then requested my x-rays from the emergency room for the accident. She informed me that something was jammed in my back. She explained the process of the spine and back healing as a holistic process involving the joints, nerves, bones and ligaments. She explained how inflammation and scar tissue could impact the systemic of optimal functioning in the back. Without physical therapy and back adjustments, my back could get worse in the long term. Because the first physical therapist had already exhausted my PIP, she ensured me that she would work with my insurance company until my back was better. Her prognosis was three weeks for discharge. After the first week with Dr. Naenifard I already felt 20-30% better than I had over the past two months.